Buying a house with the proceeds from the sale of another house

Varied methods to sell the house

The easiest way to buy a house in cash without problems with the taxman is to use a sum of money obtained through a divestment . In the event of an assessment by the Revenue Agency, it will be easy to prove the sale of another house that you owned or the sale of financial instruments held in your portfolio, documenting all the transactions between the parties, through copies of cheques, receipts, private deeds and notarial deeds

Buying a house with inherited money

Even in the event that the available cash derives from an inheritance , to buy a house in cash without problems with the tax authorities, it is necessary to provide documentary proof of receipt of the money. The Revenue Agency will verify the existence of the acceptance of the inheritance and of a declaration of succession and of the transfer of money from the account of the deceased to the heirs.

The introduction of the payment of the license fee in the bill has therefore had an important impact on the fight against tax evasion and, consequently, on public television accounts. What can happen in the coming months and why, in reality, is the decision to eliminate payment on the bill not as obvious as it seems?

However, has even proposed to reduce or cancel the payment of the fee. As regards the bill, there is certainly one element in favor of the government: in the agreement with the EU on the has undertaken to increase transparency in bills and also to eliminate the collection of other taxes not connected to the energy sector. For the moment it was enough to clearly put the fee in the bill as a separate item, but for the government it is not enough.

The fear, therefore, is that removing the fee from the bill risks involving a new return of evasion and consequently lower collections. Obviously, canceling the license fee would mean making the situation even worse.

Of these resources, however, only a part ends up directly. First of all because they first pass through the Revenue Agency. Secondly, because the payment of the license fee also includes 110 million euros destined for the Fund for information pluralism and innovation.

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