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In general, case studies integrate theory and practice, thus you need connect theoretical concepts to real-life situations. The case study is an event, a happening, and a person, group of people, an object, a text, an idea, an institution, and a situation, and so on. You have to analyze the case and map it against the theory. In this way you understood what has happened and why it did.
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Case study research may be presented as an essay, a report. In general, the professor determines the form of future task. He or she will also propose you to make following tasks:
  • Identify the main problems in the research and their reasons,
  • Find potential ways of solutions the problem,
  • Make recommendations and justifications.

How to Solve Problems in Case Study

First, you must identify problems:

  • make an overview of case study writing,
  • summarize all problems, starting from the major and finishing with minor,
  • combine identified problems and theory.
To solve problems you should:
  • make all solutions rational and reasonable,
  • evaluate every solution with their advantages and disadvantages, your costs, resources, etc.

In the end give some recommendations that will be based on each problem’s solutions. These recommendations must be realistic, practical, and achievable, be supported by the theory.

Common Errors Case Study Writer Does

There are many errors that are common for many students. Such as:

  • not understanding the process of case study,
  • simplifying problems without solutions the bigger ones,
  • recommendations are not realistic, feasible, and affordable,
  • do not analyze the problem deeply,
  • cannot interpret facts.

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What is Case Study Response?

As we have already known case study is a task that applies theoretical knowledge and practical situations. To make a response means to analyze problems in real life situations, apply all gathered information, and make a conclusion of the research.

To write good response on case study writing you should carefully read the whole case study, note main statements. This task includes the similar parts of it, such as introduction, description, discussion, and so on. Introduction has the presentation of the main idea of case study and brief description of future problem. In description you should write briefly about a case and main questions. Discuss the issues in next part using your research and available literature. In conclusion and recommendation part you can sum up information and give recommendations concerning the writing. All these statements must have reasons.

Anyway, read the case carefully to make good response, give a brief description of task, thus others won’t read it in full version. Do not forget about quotes and the list of used literature. Remember, only rationale and full case study writing and response are worthy to be presented to the readers.