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A literature review is the process of ‘surveying’ books, scholarly articles, and any other relevant sources of information concerning a particular area of study. It may incorporate key issues arising from the work of others focusing on certain areas of research. It can also include proposed theories with a view of providing a description, summary and critical evaluation of various published works by different authors. Basically, when writing your own literature review, you will attempt to promote your ideas through the opinions of other authors who have previously written on the subject.
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There are various way in which a literature review separates your idea as a person who is making reference to other people’s works. You can either criticize or support their views on the topic in question with the goal of establishing your own thought. This is the major purpose for writing literary analysis…to analyze different writers’ opinion about a subject while also highlighting yours.

Elements of a literature review

There are some requirements a good literature review should have. The fundamental ones are considered below:

  • A literature review should present an author’s opinion on a given topic without any unnecessary addition.
  • It should be able to clearly indicate the direction of the argument. More succinctly, the purpose must be known from the onset.
  • The writing must contain ideas from various authors, which could either support your idea on the subject considered or be against it.
  • An essential requirement of any good literature is that the scope of the work must be clearly defined from the onset. The limitation and challenges encountered in the research must be described.
  • In addition, there must be an agreement in the development of the review. Ideas, proponents and arguments must be cited where necessary for better flow and comprehension by your target audience.

How to identify the benefits of a literature review writing service

Considering all the requirements a good literature research should have, we can only conclude that it will require some technical writing skill. In writing such papers, you must take care to seek professional help especially when you are writing it for the first time.

Apart from not being sure of how to go about planning the whole thing, you may not have enough time to complete one within a given deadline. It is also possible that you don’t have access to enough information required for writing your review. Whatever the reason may be, you will find a literature review writing service quite indispensable. This is because the writers you will get using such service will be the most qualified to take up such assignment. Whether it’s a part of the work you need to buy or the entire review, there are many experienced essay writers you can meet by using literature review sites.