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Research proposal is a proposal for the study, which contains the basis for a future thesis. It sets the topic of student research, which he want to perform, and indicates the underlying problem to solve. A research proposal is the second stage of work on a diploma after consultation and approval of the topics. This document contains all the key aspects of the future work and, in principle, it estimates the possibility of coverage of the topic chosen and solve the problem. We suggest you to go with our company and order a research proposal on our website.
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Why do you need a research proposal?

Any research plan is evaluated by the potential scientific supervisor, whose listener wants to defend. A research proposal delivers a lot of advantages both head and students.

With research proposal help the supervisor detects:

  • how well the student has studied the literature on selected topics;
  • whether the selected topics in the interests of both students and the supervisor;
  • how well the student is able to build and plan of his research work;
  • did the student truly identify a scientific problem;
  • whether the student has the idea of ​​methodological approaches that will achieve their goals on time and without substantial costs;
  • how are innovative and unique scientific and practical developments can solve the problem.
Research proposal offers the students:
  • assessment of their own forces, resource intensity of future research, amount of time for its timely completion;
  • generalization and deepening of the problems by analyzing the collected literature and already held researches on this subject;
  • elaboration of research methodology, the calculation of time and effort on it, and ways to implement it;
  • preliminary consideration of ways to solve the problem.

A research proposal is to be defended for about 4 months before the writing of the graduate work. Abstracts of the finished work are reviewed, evaluated and analyzed. As a result of this work, the examiners decide whether to continue the research in this direction, and what adjustments need to apply.

Research proposal contents:

When writing a research proposal, 2 conventional training units are used: theoretical and methodological part and the research part. In fact, the work contains several main sections:

  • the wording of the proposed theme of the degree project;
  • formulation of management problems – for example, the decline in consumer demand or an increase in staff turnover;
  • questions whose answers will help find solutions;
  • methods of research – the search path answers to the above questions;
  • expected results – should reflect the interests of the company, for example, increase project management efficiency, reducing time spent on some management operations;
  • proof of the possibility of solving the problem, such as representation of the degree of the author’s access to the internal data of the company;
  • analysis of the main literature and an offer to deal with primary sources;
  • a brief description of the structure for future work;
  • periods during which the author wants to have the job done;
  • comments – can reflect the author’s interest in the choice of this topic.
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